Posted June 19th, 2012 by Johanne Renaud Personal Development Life Coach
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 Johanne Renaud Personal Development life Coach - Laval / Montreal, QuebecWhen you need support in key moments of your life, I welcome you with empathy and use my listening skills to accompany you in your personal development.

I assist you in exploring your emotional world in a way that will allow you to understand the meanings of your internal signals.

I also help you identify the harmful beliefs and behaviors that affect your relationships or prevent you from achieving your dreams or completing your projects.

Take the first step towards your better well-being.

… cultivating inner wellness for a better life!

I would be delighted to accompany you in your personal development process.

  • How do you feel about your life, yourself, your work, your relationships?  Are there areas that bring you dissatisfaction?
  • What is that dream that you hold dear in your heart?
  • What challenges do you face these days?
  • What is it that you would like to change in your life because it keeps bringing you unhappiness, interpersonal difficulties or the same types of issues over and over?

My philosophy

I realize that we have the ability to learn at any age,   if we want to and if we are ready to invest effort and energy towards that end. This is true with respect to the process of personal development, which involves acquiring greater self-knowledge and new ways of apprehending relationships or life events.  Personal development also involves practice and experimenting because it is through practice that we can succeed the integration of alternative ways of being and doing. Personal development is a process that allows us to maximize our life potential and our well-being.

My approach

When you need support in key moments of your life, I use my human, intuitive and scientific qualities to accompany you in your personal development because I am fascinated by the discovery, understanding and acceptance of the human journey as it reveals both its beauty and its challenges. I facilitate the establishment of a trusting relationship between us, since this is the basis of any coaching relationship. I offer you a supportive and trusting environment where I honour who you are and the unique issues that you are presenting. I offer you my point of view, when it seems appropriate.

During our sessions together, I also suggest exercises that foster your self-consciousness or that allow you to reconnect with yourself when you feel overwhelmed or when you are stuck in patterns of negative or anxious thoughts. I share with you the knowledge I have acquired and that I put into practice in the fields of personal development, psychology and coaching. We work together in the direction of your inner wellness, through self-knowledge, for a better living and more appropriate and powerful actions.

Through this relationship, in an environment conducive to mutual respect, you will discover solutions to the problems you are facing or find answers to the questions you are asking yourself.