Coming to terms with one’s humanity


“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.” Seneca

It is the fact of having a meaningful goal -one that corresponds to our values- that helps us move forward.  Our deep intention motivates us and directs our attention to the task at hand.

When we concentrate our attention to the task at hand, we are efficient and effective because we are being truly anchored in the current moment. The wind is in our sails. We feel truly alive.

At times, it happens that we need to explore a few ports to decide which one is our favourite, which one corresponds to our personality.  It may also happen that we decide to use the wind’s direction to see where it leads us as we do not yet understand what our life purpose is, what a meaningful goal is, for us.  In that case, we are led by an inner unconscious desire to accomplish ourselves in a novel direction; it is really our soul that drives us forward, towards a renewed sense of self. This renewed sense of self may involve discovering inner peace, inner joy or a greater sense of well-being, for example. It requires some faith to embark in such a journey.

Many of us, in moments of life transitions, after hitting a wall, follow the wind’s direction, only to discover who we are with our strengths and our flaws. Our soul has brought us to come to terms with our humanity, with its greatness and its vulnerability.


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