Finding the inner strength to pioneer one’s unique journey in life.

There are moments in life when a person feels lost, unsure of the path to follow and of the decisions to take.  In such periods, it seems a difficult task to define what is important and what is less important.  If one listens well, at some point, a tiny light, a soft voice or a sign of some sort surfaces and gives hints as what to do next, where to go next or with whom to interact.

This can be the beginning of a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance.  It can be an opportunity to change one’s perceptions about some aspects of one’s life or of other’s lives.  It can be the road towards a greater inner peace and well-being.

In such a transition period, the sign can be as light as a swan’s feather.  It is there, waiting for us to notice it.

I believe that, within the challenges that life brings us, are hidden precious gifts and important discoveries to be made.  They are not obvious, especially in times of pain and questioning.  But eventually, they reveal themselves, as we seek them.  My poem is an attempt to express just that.

Journey of Self-Empowerment

In the midst of nothingnessParc Nature de Laval 119_Cygne3
I stood
Looking at the passing fog.

My present was but clouds,
The path to my future, gone,
My past, expunged.

In the silence of my shelter
Flew a white feather
Like a heavenly whisper.

A first insight
An early light
Like the glimmer of daybreak.

The fog was thick.
What were the risks?

A first footstep.
Through the doorway of fears.


And then again.
Once more.
Onto the Unknown.

There lays a path!

As I rambled on this new path, seeking my way,
The revelation of a treasure.

The Inner strength
And many skills
To pioneer my own journey.

Johanne Renaud, Laval, 2013

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